About Us

Sitting in a blue armchair of the living room with a newborn baby boy - a first time Mama spent many hours holding her sleeping pepe in between feeds.

Baby Zeke was born with a head full of hair and in those precious moments, Zeke's Mama wished for a special brush to groom his Samoan / Maori / Croatian / German / Scottish 'loxx'.  She wished for a brush that was made from natural materials that was gentle enough for his delicate head, yet firm enough to assist in helping loosen the cradle cap he was experiencing and support other well-being benefits.

Not finding anything that was both practical and special enough for those memories, Pepe Loxx was created. 

Pepe - the Samoan translation for baby. Loxx - aka locks, aka hair. 

From our blue armchair to yours....

Alofa atu, aroha nui, with love.